Immax NEO LITE Smart Security Outdoor camera 360 °, RJ45, P / T, HD 2MP 1080p WiFi

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Smart Outdoor camera, TUYA, WiFi, ONVIF, digital zoom, motion detection, built-in microphone, built-in speaker, cloud platform, resolution 1920 × 1080 px, angle of view 360 °, rotation PAN 355°TILT 90°, night vision up to 50 m, MicroSD Card max. 128 GB, supply from network, the Immax NEO PRO App in English and other 60 languages compatible with iOS, Android, with Voice Assistants Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant and with systems TUYA, LIDL
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Warranty 24 months
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Immax NEO LITE Smart Security Outdoor camera ANGLE 360°

An intelligent outdoor security camera with motion detection and with the possibility of an alarm and two-way communication will ensure perfect security of the space. The rotating mechanism of the camera allows you to monitor the space in a 360° field of view. You will always have an overview of what is happening around your property. Compatible with iOS, Android, with voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant and further with TUYA, Lidl systems.
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  • Monitoring of the selected authority - notification of motion detection
  • 355° PAN rotation, 90° TILT, 360° viewing angle, automatic tracking
  • Night vision with afterglow up to 10m
  • Motion detection, human body shape discrimination, two-way voice communication
  • Security: user authentication, software encryption
  • Day and night vision, excellent image quality.
  • Immax NEO PRO remote control option
  • Option of Smart functions (automation, regular modes, voice shortcuts)
    You can also control the cameras remotely:
    • Using voice assistants (Apple Siri Shortcuts, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant).
    • Using the Immax NEO PRO application on a mobile device
    • Using the ONVIF system
      • Discover countless SMART functions and selectable modes
      • Connect NEO lamps and other SMART devices from various manufacturers to the application (WiFi, Zigbee 3.0).
      • Set up and smart scenes. Save your time and let your home think for you.
    • Smart device Immax NEO LITE
    • The Immax NEO PRO application, available for free download for Android and iOS.
    • Necessity of WiFi network coverage in the place of use of the Smart device
      • Download the Immax NEO PRO application, create your own account, connect the Immax NEO LITE device to the application (according to the attached instructions). After that, you can set the modes according to your needs, add other devices working on Wi-Fi or Zigbee. Products of the Immax NEO LITE series do not need a smart bridge to connect to the Immax NEO PRO application, communication takes place using a WiFi network.

    Full compatibility

    We built our Immax NEO system on the world-class TUYA platform. This makes our products compatible with other smart home systems. Discover the magic of voice control.
    Apple Siri
    Google Assistant
    Amazon Alexa
    Smart Watch

    Discover freedom

    Control is provided by mobile applications of the new generation. Immax NEO PRO works on the global Tuya platform, which can integrate all devices into one controllable unit. In addition to lighting and many smart home products, it is also able to handle security elements such as alarms, cameras and various security sensors. And all this completely in the Slovak language. Enjoy your smart home to the fullest, even if you are tens of kilometers away from home. Control the lights, heating, blinds or unlock the door for visitors and watch footage from security cameras. Simply, online, from anywhere.




    Control elements


    Small appliances

    An outdoor camera, a useful smart helper that, using WI-fi, will allow you to instantly see what's going on around your home. You can record or take photos of the monitored area whenever needed. In the application settings, for example, you can choose that if the camera detects movement, an alarm will sound on your smartphone or tablet, so you will be informed about visitors to your house, even unexpected ones. The camera includes a high-quality speaker and microphone that enables two-way communication, you will have an overview of what is happening around the monitored object and increase the safety of your crops. Motion detection, 360° viewing angle, day and night vision, great image quality.
    Wi-Fi network coverage at the camera installation location is a must.

    Cloud FREE.

    Technical specifications:
    Alarm: motion detection notification
    Functions: motion discount, selected area monitoring, selected location monitoring, patrol, motion detection, sound detection, two-way communication
    Camera movement: PAN 355 ° TILT 90 °
    Ethernet: 1x RJ45
    Protocol: Wi-Fi
    Frequency: 2400MHz ~ 2483.5MHz
    Maximum RF output power: WiFi: 20dBm
    Support: IOS7 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher
    Security: user authentication, software encryption
    Built-in TF slot supports up to 128 GB microSD (FAT32)
    Operating temperature: -10 ° C + 50 ° C
    Material: plastic
    Degree of camera protection: IP65
    Degree of protection of the power supply: IP20
    Power supply: DC12V / 2A
    Power consumption: 20W
    Dimensions: 220x120x115mm
    Weight: 510g
    Cable length: power adapter 85cm, camera 25cm, total 105cm / connector 5.5x2.5 mm /
    Package contents: camera, power adapter, user manual

    Sensors: 1/4 "CMOS 720p / 1 / 2.7" CMOS Color sensor 1080p
    Min. lighting: 0.1lux /F1.2
    Lens: 4mm
    Angle: 85 °
    Infrared LED: 4pcs + 4pcs LED backlight / range: 50m
    Day and night automatic switching of the IR -CUT filter
    Video compression: H.264
    Audio compression: G.711
    Transmission speed: 16Kbps-2Mbps
    Stream: Yes

    Resolution: 720p (1080x720), VGA (640x480), 1080p (1920x1080)
    Frequency: 25 frames per second
    White balance: Auto
    Image adjustment: image flipping, motion detection

    Package contents: Smart camera, power adapter, user manual

    Support for webrtc function, real-time camera recording can be started on a web browser.

    Obrázek (11)Obrázek (11)
    Obrázek (9)Obrázek (9)
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    weight with packaging in kg0,776 kg
    degree of protectionIP65
    functionAmazon Alexa, Remote control, Google Assistant, Intelligent, Night illumination, Wi-Fi
    package size12,5*19*21
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