Outdoor solar LED wall light IMMAX WING with PIR sensor, 4W, white

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Outdoor solar wall light, white, PIR sensor, IP65, 300lm, 6500K cold white, Li-Ion 1800mAh battery, 3 selectable lighting modes, zero operating costs.
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Warranty 24/6 months
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At a time of cost reduction, we are inclined to purchase the WING LED Solar Safety Spotlight. Energy saving is guaranteed by solar energy charging, it is suitable for lighting buildings, advertisements, facades. The high IP65 protection guarantees the waterproofness of the reflector. Lovers of industrial style will appreciate the technical nature of the lamp. Thanks to the holder, installation is simple. The light has three selectable modes. The spotlight will automatically light up in the set mode, either after dark or after movement is detected.

It works in three selectable modes:
Mode 1 - automatic, permanent switching after dark
Mode 2 - motion detection max. lighting for 20-25s - dimmed light remains on without motion detection
Mode 3 - motion detection max. lighting for 20-25s - without motion detection the light turns off

Install the product preferably in places where there are no obstacles that could block the access of sunlight. If the solar panel does not have enough sunlight, it will affect the lighting time. Rainy, foggy or cloudy weather will affect the charging of the lamp, the working time will be shortened. Before first use, let the solar light be sufficiently charged in sunlight for at least 4-6 hours.

Zero operating costs
Motion sensor
Outdoor use
Solar panel
Automatic on / off
Wireless lamp
3 selectable modes

Technical parameters:
Material: ABS+PC+ polycrystalline solar panel
Color design: white
Number of LEDs: 84
Light color: 6000K
Built-in Li-Ion battery: 1800mAh/3.7v
Solar panel: 5.5v/2.6w/
Solar panel size: 173x108mm
Dimensions of the entire lamp: 180 x 190 x 100mm
Light temperature: 6500K
Luminous flux: full light 300lm, weaker light 50lm, dimmed 5lm
Degree of protection: IP65
Motion sensor: PIR Sensor yes
Charging time: 6-8 hours in bright sunlight
Light beam angle: 120°
Working temperature: -25° to 65°
Warranty: 2 years

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light colorCool white 6000K-6500K
length of the longest side in mm185 cm
weight with packaging in kg0,392 kg
longest sidemenší než 20cm
wattage (W)4 W
degree of protectionIP65
division by roomOutdoor
width in mm175 cm
installation typeWall mounted
socket typeIntegrated LED module
functionIntegrated battery, Senzor, Solar
package size195x65x195
height in mm85 cm
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