Battery Sony PS4 Dualshock verze 1 Li-lon 1000mAh 3,7V

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The batteries are fitted with high quality cells and are 100% identical to the original batteries. All batteries are manufactured according to the highest European quality standards. Capacity: 1000mAh
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Sony PS4 1000mAh Li-lon 3.7V battery for Dualshock version 1 controller

Replaces the following original batteries:

Fits these models:

Sony Playstation 4 Version 1

Playstation 4 Sixaxis Controller, Wireless Controller
Playstation 4 Controller, PS4 Controller
Playstation 4 Dualshock 4in1 Controller Version 1

Compatible with drivers version JDM-030 and lower (JDS-001, JDS-001, JDM-001, JDM-011, JDM-020, or JDM-030). Unfortunately, there are two different models, pre-2016 and post-2016. This battery is for pre-2016 joypads that do not have a light strip on the touchpad.

Obrázek (1)Obrázek (1)
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