Doprava a platba

Shipping and payment

The purchase price for the delivered goods can, at the buyer's option, be paid:

Cash or credit card
-on receipt of the goods from the shipping service (delivery ON DELIVERY)

For domestic payments and payments in CZK

In advance by bank transfer on the basis of a proforma invoice

Komerční Banka CZK - 115-1651600207 / 0100
-proforma invoice will be issued by the Seller to the Buyer on the basis of the Buyer's request in the order*
-proforma invoice will be issued by the Seller to the Buyer for payment of the requested advance payment before ordering the goods

*NOTICE: Failure to pay the advance invoice when due shall be deemed to be a breach of the terms of the purchase contract and the Seller shall be entitled to cancel the purchase contract from the outset.

The invoice is due for payment

 Komerční Banka CZK - 115-1651600207/0100
-state institutions and organisations may be granted the maturity of the tax documents issued for the payment of the purchase price after the conclusion of the framework contract.

The Seller does not require any fees depending on the method of payment.

For foreign payments in EUR :

By transfer to a euro account on the basis of an advance (proforma) invoice or invoice due

Komerční banka a.s.

Number : 123-12940227 / 0100
IBAN : CZ55 0100 0001 2300 1294 0227

Information on the method of delivery

Personal collection in the Czech Republic (free of charge) :

You can pick up the ordered goods free of charge at the company's headquarters by prior telephone arrangement. Contact information can be found here.
Shipping companies in the Czech Republic - PPL with notification
 Delivery time is guaranteed within 24 hours (working days) from the time the package is sent. When a package is sent from us, you will be notified by email and SMS with the package number. On the day of delivery, a PPL driver will contact you to specify the time and place of delivery. Alternatively, you can arrange to change the delivery date.
 In case of unsuccessful delivery you will receive an email. The PPL driver will call you to specify the time of delivery. You can then use PPL's services at .
 This service can be used by recipients if the parcel cannot be delivered on the first delivery attempt.
 The courier will leave a notice at the location with a new delivery date and information on how to redirect the parcel.
 If the recipient wishes to change the delivery date or delivery address, he can do so in a very simple way on the aforementioned web portal and the parcel will be delivered the next day (or on the selected day) to the current or newly selected address.
 Payment can only be made in cash.
 90,- CZK without. VAT


Shipping + delivery time
 90,- CZK + 40,- CZK (130,- CZK without VAT)


PPL to Slovakia PPL will deliver your parcel to Slovakia within 48 hours (for orders placed before 13:00) or within 72 hours (for orders placed after 13:00). When the package is sent from us, you will be notified by email with the package number. On the morning of delivery you will be sent an email or SMS with the delivery time.
 You can track the status of your parcel by entering your parcel number via
 In case of the first unsuccessful delivery, PPL will make another delivery attempt. In addition, you will be sent an email or SMS with a link that will direct you to the app, where you will be able to choose from other delivery methods (e.g. choosing the day for the next delivery, delivery to another address, picking up the parcel at the depot, etc.).
 All sales documents are invoiced in Euros when selecting shipping to Slovakia.

 8,59 EUR incl. VAT for non-payers of VAT
 7,10EUR, for VAT payers


Freight + delivery time
 10,40 EUR incl. VAT for non-VAT payers
 8,59EUR for VAT payers

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