Zpětný odběr elektrozařízení


We believe in respectful behavior towards the environment, which is why we offer you options to hand in your old electrical equipment/batteries easily and free of charge.

The consumer has a fundamental role in the system of dealing with electrical appliances and batteries. He is the one who decides what to do with the old appliance. Old and unnecessary electrical equipment and batteries do not belong in municipal waste containers.

The consumer must be informed by the symbols below that the relevant electrical equipment/battery does not belong in municipal waste. All new electrical equipment/batteries are thus marked. The symbol can be shown directly on the device, on its packaging or in the user manual or in the warranty card.

How to get rid of old appliances/batteries for the Czech Republic free of charge?

- You will find the address and opening hours of the nearest collection point.

- You dispose of or take used electrical equipment to a collection point. Here, the operator will determine where you can leave the device free of charge. In order for electrical equipment to be recycled, it must be handed in in a non-dismantled state.

- If your municipality organizes mobile waste collection, which includes the return of electrical equipment, you can also take advantage of this event.

- Special red containers are prepared for small electrical equipment.

- ASEKOL will ensure the subsequent removal and processing of the delivered electrical equipment.


How to get rid of old appliance/batteries for SK?

- through Asekol collection points, which are intended for return collection, see www.asekol.sk/zberne-miesta

- for the collection of electronic waste and used batteries, visit www.asekol.sk/zberna-siet/odvoz-elektroodpadu


Who provides ecological disposal?

In the Czech Republic, the ecological disposal of our products is ensured by the company ASEKOL a.s., with registered office at Československého exil 2062/8, 143 00 Prague 4, Company ID: 27373231.

The ASEKOL website also lists the negative effects of substances used in electrical equipment, as well as graphic symbols for separate collection and other detailed information.

In Slovakia, the ecological disposal of our products is ensured by the company ASEKOL SK s.r.o., with its registered office at Lamačská cesta 45, 841 03 Bratislava, ID number: 45 602 689.


Why recycle?

  Not only electrical equipment, but also batteries and accumulators contain many recyclable metals such as zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, cadmium or lead. At the same time, some of these substances are very dangerous for the environment and human health, especially mercury, lead and cadmium. Selected batteries are often marked with the symbol of the chemical element they contain (Pb, Cd, Hg).


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