Immax NEO CANTO SLIM Smart pendant light 80x80x7cm 60W black Zigbee 3.0

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The redesigned CANTO, SLIM version has a new suspension system, a softer look, is sleeker than its previous version, but still retains its distinctive industrial style. Smart luminaire size 80x80x7cm, 60W, black, TUYA, dimmable, warm white to cool white 2700K-6500K, Zigbee 3. 0, functioning via app or DO, Immax NEO PRO app in Czech and 60 other languages compatible with iOS, Android, with Amazon Alexa voice assistants, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant and also with TUYA, Philips Hue, SmartThings, LIDL, Somfy Tahoma, Energy Label E ensures energy efficiency.
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Warranty 36 months
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Smart lamp Immax NEO CANTO SLIM

The sharp lines of Immax NEO CANTO Smart intelligent lighting will appeal to lovers of strict technical shapes. The robust lamp will surprise you with the sophisticated character of the interior. The CANTO ceiling is attached to the ceiling and leaves a clean impression of the room. It is perfectly complemented with the more dominant NEO CANTO hanging chandelier or small 15 cm ceiling lights. The lamp expresses functionality, timelessness, meets all the requirements of a smart household and will satisfy even the most demanding user. Strict edges in black design will create a distinctive interior that will become a perfect reflection of the people who live in it. Compatible with iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, Philips HUE, TUYA, Tahoma, Lidl, Ikea.
Qr kódy
  • Exceptional and timeless design, new suspension system
  • Version for suspension and ceiling
  • Remote control included
  • Saving up to 80% compared to classic sources
  • Remote control of Immax NEO PRO applications
  • Smart functions (automation, normal modes, voice commands)
  • dozens of shades of white. The temperature of the light complements the appearance of the interior, affects the perception of colors, and each shade of white gives the room a different character.
Proc prave rondate
You can control your smart lights remotely using:
  • Included remote control
    • Luminaires can be switched on/off, dimmed and the colour temperature can be continuously changed.
  • Application Immax NEO PRO on your mobile device
    • Connect NEO luminaires and other SMART devices from different manufacturers to the application (WiFi, Zigbee 3.0).
    • Enjoy smart control with voice assistants (Apple Siri shortcuts, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings).
    • Discover countless SMART features, selectable modes and become the master of light.
  • Immax NEO smart device
  • Smart Gateway (bridge, gateway, HUB)
  • Immax NEO PRO Smart App.
    • Available for free on iOS and Android.
    • Must create your own account.
    • Possible to connect devices that work on WiFi and Zigbee 3.0

Total compatibility

We built our Immax NEO system on the global platform TUYA. This makes our products compatible with other smart home systems. Discover the magic of voice control.
Apple Siri
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Smart Watch

Discover freedom

Control is provided by a new generation mobile application.Immax NEO PRO operates on the global Tuya platform, which can integrate all devices into one controllable unit. In addition to lighting and many products a smart home is also able to handle security elements such as an alarm, cameras and various security devices sensors. And all this completely in the English language. Enjoy your smart home to the fullest, even if there are dozens of you kilometers from home. Control the lights, heating, blinds or unlock the visitor and watch footage from security cameras. Simply, online, from anywhere.






Small appliances

The new LED pendant luminaire Immax CANTO SLIM puts a more elegant and subtle face on the new luminaire and still captures the motto of contemporary designers: 'less is more'. Strict edges, superior dimensions, timeless design, this is the right lighting for the modern and intelligent home. The new way of hanging system, allows a more variable placement in the space and looks very sophisticated. The luminaire can be conveniently controlled not only from home, but also if you are away from home. The included Zigbee 3.0 remote control or the Immax NEO smart app on your mobile phone or tablet will reliably help you to change the shades of white, the intensity of the lighting in the room or switch the light off completely at any time. No more worrying about the phrase: is there a light on unnecessarily? For maximum use of all functions, we recommend connecting all Smart devices in your home with the Immax NEO smart gateway. The Immax Neo system is fully compatible with Philips HUE working on the ZIGBEE 3.0 platform. Compatible also with iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, Philips HUE, TUYA, Tahoma, Lidl, Ikea.. Strict edges are another one of the technical ideas of the luminaire manufacturers. with their simple look, they guarantee that their technical face never gets old.

The Zigbee 3.0 remote control is included. If required, the controller can also be purchased separately.

If you are unable to pair your Immax NEO light with the remote control or Immax NEO smart gateway, you can find instructions HERE

Protocol: Zigbee 3.0
Material: metal, plastic
Lamp color: matte black
Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 70mm
Suspension length: max 1200mm
Light color: 3000-6000K
Wattage: 60W
Luminous flux: 4200lm
Dimmable: yes
Illumination time: 50,000 hours
Power supply input voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
CRI(Ra) Color rendering index: >80 ( daylight has a Ra value of 100)
Warranty period: 3 years

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant, Philips HUE, TUYA, Tahoma, Lidl, Ikea.

Final height adjustment of the hanging chandelier.
First, install the pendant chandelier on the ceiling according to the instructions in the enclosed manual.
For the final height adjustment of the chandelier, simply adjust the length of the suspension cables.
Shorten the length of the cord:
1. release the lock located on the top edge of the cable (at the base of the luminaire), by pushing inward into the base body, and then
2. then slowly slide the wire upwards towards the luminaire base. The lanyard will remain fixed in your chosen position.
3. Adjust all the cables in this way one by one.
Extending the length of the cable: if you have inserted the cable too far, you must first release it by deactivating the safety catch (again by pushing the safety ring inside the luminaire base). This will allow the cable to be loosened and then adjusted to your chosen position.
Adjust all cables in this way one by one.
Never pull the cables by force without deactivating the safety catch! Mechanical damage can occur during such manipulation.
Thank you for your understanding.

Installing the diffuser:
Please take extra care when installing the diffuser or removing the plastic diffuser from the luminaire!
Bend the diffuser so that it touches the edges of the luminaire as little as possible during installation or removal. Increased contact may damage the finish of the luminaire or diffuser.
Thank you for your understanding.

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light colorNatural white 4000K-5000K, Cool white 6000K-6500K, Warm white 2700K-3000K
length of the longest side80 cm
weight with packaging in kg8,15 kg
materialAluminium, Plastic
wattage (W)60 W
degree of protectionIP20
division by roomChildren's room, Corridor and staircase, Dining room, Office, The kitchen, Bedroom, Living room
width80 cm
installation typeHanging
socket typeIntegrated LED module
hinge length120 cm
functionRemote control, Intelligent, Dimmable, Changing shades of white
package size88*88*16
height7 cm
CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, IkeaTradfri, Lidl, Philips Hue, Somfy, Tesla, Tuya (SmartLife)
Connection typeZigbee 3.0
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