Immax NEO LITE Smart Control of garage doors and automatic gates, WiFi

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Smart Control of Garage Doors and Automatic Gates , TUYA, WiFi, power supply DC5V 2A, the Immax NEO PRO App in English and other 60 languages compatible with iOS, Android, with Voice Assistants Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant and with systems TUYA, LIDL, IFTTT
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Have you been late at work, at a time when you are waiting at home for a visit from your parents, or have your children forgotten their house keys?
A very powerful small device will make situations when you need to open a garage door or a drive-up gate more pleasant, even if you are many kilometers away from home (the condition is the availability of the Internet and Wi-Fi network). Modern technology, maximum reliability, simplicity of operation, very easy installation. The Immax NEO PRO mobile application will immediately notify you if any movement of the sensor body and magnet is detected. Notifications can be set on the phone every time the door or gate is opened or closed. Using the application, you can also check the opening or closing status of the garage door or remotely control the garage door from any place where the Internet is available.
The smart mobile application "Immax NEO PRO" enables control and control of your household from anywhere in the world using only the Internet and your mobile phone. For WiFi devices you do not need any control unit or "gateway", for Zigbee devices you need Immax NEO BRIDGE PRO. Each device has all the necessary components for communication with your mobile phone via the Internet (cloud). The application is supported in the Czech language and in 45 other languages.
This wireless opener is compatible with all drives that allow the connection of a control button of the "NO" type (normally open = normally disconnected), in addition, it can also be used to control rolling gates with a check of the state of opening or closing,
The smart mobile application "Immax NEO PRO" also enables the control of lights, heating, air conditioning, sockets, outdoor and indoor cameras, a video doorbell or a security system. Convenient control of the entire household via one application.

Control of garage doors and rolling gates from any distance, Internet availability required!
Notification on the phone using the Immax NEO PRO application for when the garage door is opened or closed
Based on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology
Free Immax NEO PRO mobile app for iOS and Android
Support for voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home services
There is no need to purchase an additional gate/control unit for the functionality of the magnetic sensor
Alarm functions, automation and smart scenarios
No usage fees
Simple installation

Technical specifications:
Input voltage: DC5V 2A
Protocol: Wi-Fi
Frequency: 2400MHz ~ 2483.5MHz
Maximum RF output power: WiFi: 20dBm
Working temperature: -10 ~ + 50 ° C
Working humidity: 85% RH
Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 25 mm

Package contents: Garage door control, USB cable, cable for connection to the door control unit, user manual

Obrázek (8)Obrázek (8)
Obrázek (5)Obrázek (5)
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functionRemote control, Intelligent
weight with packaging in kg0,241 kg
CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, Lidl, Tesla, Tuya (SmartLife)
package size11*4*15
Connection typeWiFi 2,4GHz
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