Immax NEO RONDATE SLIM Smart ceiling light 80 x 7cm 65W black Zigbee 3.0

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Design LED ceiling luminaire, smart, diameter 80cm, luminaire height 7cm suitable for central rooms, 65W, 4550lm, black matt, TUYA, dimmable, CCT warm white to cool white 3000K-6000K, Zigbee 3. 0, functioning via app or DO, Immax NEO PRO app in Czech and 60 other languages compatible with iOS, Android, with Amazon Alexa voice assistants, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant and also with TUYA, Philips Hue, SmartThings, LIDL, Somfy Tahoma, energy label
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283,5 EUR 234,3 EUR excl. VAT
Warranty 36 months

Luxury circular ceiling lamp in black matt RONDATE SLIM 25cm diameter, is only 7cm high and looks very elegant in the interior.
Intelligent light with remote control, dimmable, and with a choice of white shade.
  For a complete interior concept, combine RONDATE SLIM and RONDATE luminaires and the result will be perfect
RONDATE SLIM family (7cm height) with diameters of 25, 40, 60, 80cm 
RONDATE family (10cm height) with diameters of 15cm
The small luminaires are suitable for corridors and smaller rooms. Large luminaires with a diameter of 60 or 80cm stand out on their own, but in spacious interiors, ceiling sizes can be combined to create unusual arrangements.

If you connect your lights to the Immax NEO smart gateway, you become the true masters of light, using the IMMAX NEO PRO app on your mobile phone or tablet to control your lights from anywhere and change the light settings in your home to your heart's content. Ceiling lights, finished in aluminium, fitted with a high quality diffuser that guarantees a beautiful light rendering without unwanted shadows. A Zigbee 3.0 remote control is included in the package, and can also be purchased separately if required

Protocol: Zigbee 3.0
Material: ABS, metal, aluminum
Luminaire colour: matte black
Dimensions: l80 x height 7cm
Light colour: CCT 3000K -6000K
Wattage: 65W
Luminous flux: 4550lm
Dimmable: yes
Illumination time: 50,000 hours
Power supply input voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
CRI(Ra) Color rendering index: >86 ( daylight has a Ra value of 100)
Warranty period: 3 years
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI): G

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant, Philips HUE, TUYA, Tahoma, Lidl, Ikea.

The Immax NEO system is based on the proven Zigbee 3.0 technology. With Immax NEO your home is safe. With one click you can lock the door, turn off the lights, set the alarm or close the blinds.Whenever someone enters your home while you are away, the system will notify you immediately. The system also includes Smart cameras that allow you to view or record real footage of your property.

Diffuser installation:
Please take extra care when installing the diffuser or removing the plastic diffuser from the luminaire!
Bend the diffuser so that it touches the edges of the luminaire as little as possible when installing or removing it. Increased contact may damage the finish of the luminaire or diffuser.
Thank you for your understanding.

Obrázek (16)Obrázek (16)
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CCT 2700K_interier rondateCCT 2700K_interier rondate
CCT 4500K_interier rondateCCT 4500K_interier rondate
CCT 6500K_interier rondateCCT 6500K_interier rondate
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light colorCCT 3000 - 6000K, Natural white 4000K-5000K, Cool white 6000K-6500K, Warm white 2700K-3000K
length of the longest side in mm80 cm
weight with packaging in kg0 kg
materialAluminium, Metal, Plastic
longest side80-99cm
diameter80 cm
wattage (W)65 W
degree of protectionIP20
division by roomChildren's room, Dining room, Office, Koupelna, The kitchen, Bedroom, Living room
width in mm80 cm
installation typeSeated
socket typeIntegrated LED module
functionRemote control, Dimmable, Changing shades of white
height in mm7 cm
CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, Google Assistant, IkeaTradfri, Lidl, Philips Hue, Somfy, Tesla, Tuya (SmartLife)
Connection typeZigbee 3.0
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