LIGHT STAX HYBRID Light-up Fire Truck

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The Light Stax hybrid construction set consists of classic building blocks and illuminated blocks that utilize LED technology. STAX Hybrid combines classic building blocks with light and sound. STAX Hybrid is powered by the included button battery and is activated by motion. Compatible with the STAX system and all known brands of building blocks. Lightstax construction sets support creativity, imagination, coordination, and spatial imagination. Through building sets, children learn to create their own worlds that they can transfer to the construction. Building is much simpler than, for example, painting. The blocks already have their shape, just assemble them correctly, so they support logical thinking, visual thinking, and children's dexterity. More in the video below. Suitable for children aged 6 and up.
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STAX Hybrid is the latest addition to the STAX family. It combines Light STAX, Sound STAX, Connector STAX, and classic bricks in game sets with an interesting price/performance ratio. STAX Hybrid consists of 4 themes: Vehicles with front and rear lights, cabin lighting, and beacons (for emergency vehicles). Combined with the sound of an engine or siren.

The set includes:

  • 1 pc 4x4 Vibration Sensor Power STAX - black
  • 1 pc 2x4 Sound STAX - white
  • 4 pcs 2x4 STAX - red
  • 1 pc 2x4 STAX - transparent
  • 4 pcs 2x2 STAX - red
  • 4 pcs 1x2 STAX 90-degree angle - red
  • 2 pcs 2x4 STAX plate (bottom connection) - red
  • 2 pcs 1x6 STAX plate (bottom connection) - white
  • 2 pcs 1x1 STAX - transparent blue
  • 4 pcs 1x1 Light STAX wheel - transparent red
  • 2 pcs 1x1 Light STAX wheel - transparent yellow
  • 189 pcs of other bricks
Obrázek (4)Obrázek (4)
Obrázek (3)Obrázek (3)
Obrázek (1)Obrázek (1)
Obrázek (2)Obrázek (2)
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