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The Kiga set contains 360 glowing pieces hidden in a super lightweight multifunctional storage trolley. Enter the creative glowing world and build without limits. Illuminate your house, hotel, garden, create your own night light, and never be afraid in your room at night again. A rolling box full of glowing bricks. Amazing, unusual, illuminated building set Light Stax includes 360 pieces of colorful bricks that light up thanks to LED technology. This unique model of building set offers your children a combination of classic entertainment with something new. Playing with illuminated bricks will captivate not only children but also adults. Light Stax building blocks are illuminated bricks that utilize LED technology. Each brick magically lights up using the patented system once it is connected to the base plate. You don't need any special connectors or cables. Light Stax bricks are fully compatible with other LEGO-type building sets (LightStax Classic). Lightstax building sets support creativity, imagination, coordination, and spatial imagination. Through building sets, children learn to create their own worlds, which they can transfer to the building blocks. Moreover, building is much simpler than, for example, painting. The bricks already have their shape, you just need to assemble them correctly, which promotes logical thinking, visual creativity, and manual dexterity. More in the video below. Suitable for children from 6 years old.
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The set includes: • 360 pieces of Light Stax bricks (230 pcs - 2x4 + 130 pcs - 2x2) • 3 pieces of Li-Pol power base STAX SOUND (reacting to sound) - (4x4) • 3 pieces of USB cable (300cm) • user manual

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