Photovoltaic solar panel Risen 440W black frame

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photovoltaic solar panel RISEN, black frame, monocrystalline, power 440Wp, PERC technology, Half Cut, IP68
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Warranty 144 months
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Powerful panel made with PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology. PERC solar cells have a passivated backside of the cell that is able to absorb light that can be used to generate electricity. This technology makes it possible to achieve high conversion efficiency.
The passivation layer reflects the light that passes through the panel. Thus, more solar radiation is absorbed by the cell, which leads to a higher efficiency of the panel.
Self-cleaning glass. NDS and MBB technologies increase reliability and durability.

Electrical data:
Solar cell type: monocrystalline
Max. nominal system voltage: 1500V
Rated power in watts - max: 440Wp
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc: 44.85V
Short-circuit current-Isc: 12.50A
Maximum supply voltage-Vmpp: 37.34V
Maximum power current-Impp: 11.79A
Module efficiency: 21.2%

Mechanical data:
Solar cells: Monocrystalline
Cell configuration: 130 cells (5×13+5×13)
Module dimensions: 1894×1096×30 mm
Weight: 22.5 kg
Substrate: High transmittance ARC low iron tempered glass
Frame: anodized aluminum alloy type 6005-2T6, black color
J-Box: potted, IP68, 1500 VDC, 3 Schottky bypass diodes
Cables: 4.0mm2 (12AWG), positive (+) 350mm, negative (-) 230mm (connector included)
Connector: Risen Twinsel PV-SY02, IP68

Excellent values for wind load 2400Pa and snow 5400Pa.
Excellent low light performance in low light conditions (morning or cloudy).
Warranty period: 25 years by the manufacturer for performance, 12 years for the product.

The delivery time from the creation of the order is about 4-5 working days. These are oversized goods for which special transport must be ordered.

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 and is one of the pioneers of the solar industry. It is innovative in the industry and focuses on research and development of high-performance modules. As an expert, he regularly introduces a number of innovations to the market. Risen Energy has an ultra-modern highly automated production infrastructure for the production of cells and modules with a capacity of 23GW.
With the aim of delivering green energy worldwide, Risen Energy is developing on an international basis with sales offices and sales networks in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

Obrázek (2)Obrázek (2)
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