Smart remote Immax NEO LITE Wifi TUYA, Bluetooth Beacon, 4 circuits range 25m

Smart remote control for controlling Smart LED light sources! The remote works on the bluetoth Beacon and TUYA protocol. RGB+CCT. The remote control allows you to control up to 4 groups of light sources. The lights can be easily assigned under the letters A/B/C/D. You can control the lights in a group simultaneously up to a distance of 20m. Ergonomic and compact design for comfortable holding and operation. Compatible with WiFi, Bluetoth mesh and beacon devices.
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Technical parameters:
Material: Environmentally friendly PC material
White color
Power consumption: 3W (CR2032)
Degree of protection: IP20
This remote control can be used to control a luminaire or groups of luminaires at a distance of up to 25m in an open space.
Pairing groups of lights under function buttons A/B/C/D
Each luminaire with beacon support can be controlled by up to 3 remote controls.
The remote control can only be used for WiFi, Bluetooth, Sigmesh and tuya Beacon products.

functionBeacon, Remote control
CompatibilityLidl, Tesla, Tuya (SmartLife)
degree of protectionIP20
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