Suppression capacitor for LED lights, CFAC 150 - 220n/275VAC/M RM15 MKP62

Suppression capacitor for all LED lights. It is used to eliminate flickering or light continuous lighting of LED lights when they are turned off. Always suitable to buy with LED lights if they are connected to a stairwell switch.
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If your LED bulbs, spot lights, tapes and other LED lights flicker or light up slightly when turned off, use this anti-interference foil capacitor CFAC 220n/275VAC/M RM15 MKP62 for suppression.
LED lights require a very small amount of energy, which is enough to start the source, for example, only by the capacity of the distribution or through the lights in the switches.
By connecting a suppression capacitor in parallel to a light bulb or lamp, you permanently eliminate this phenomenon.

Safety class: X2
Material: MKP,
Tolerance: 20%
Dimensions 17.5x12x6 mm
Spacing of RM terminals: 15 mm
Depth: 6 mm
Capacitance C: 220n F

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