We are exhibiting at the European Fair in Frankfurt


The Light + Building fair focuses on trends in lighting and its integration into the digital home with perfect security in mind. Immax fulfills all this one hundred percent.

"We are currently one of the largest suppliers of smart lighting and smart home products in Central Europe. We rely on the most modern technologies that connect the household into one controllable unit. All our products are compatible with the world's most used communication platforms. We make sure that our products are smart, user-friendly and their design meets the most modern standards," explains Milan Žák, CEO of Immax.

The fair takes place in Frankfurt from 3 to 8 March 2024

Our products on the fair

The backbone of our exhibition will be new technologies in the field of smart lighting. We will introduce visitors to the unique BEACON technology that our latest devices use. The function allows the remote control to control multiple WiFi lights or bulbs at once. This sets a whole new standard for smart lighting control.

We have already applied BEACON to new types of smart lighting. We thus successfully combine modern technology with timeless design. At the fair, visitors can also view interior lamps from the latest collection.

Immax has long been dedicated to safety. In recent months, we have launched the latest generation of smart cameras. For them, we have offered secure cloud storage where you can keep your records.

What products we will be exhibiting can be found at this link: http://bit.ly/490th4p

Where you will find us?

Hall 6, place A10

More info about exhibitions: https://bit.ly/3OdFwmf

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