We are launching the BEACON feature


Smart lighting from individual manufacturers use different technologies for their communication. Control takes place most often via a WiFi network, Bluetooth and the Zigbee 3.0 protocol.

For the last two, communication takes place via a smart gateway. It can connect all devices into one controllable unit and then control them remotely via an application or remote control. WiFi lights or light bulbs could only be controlled via the app.

However, until now there was no remote control that could handle the same function. However, that is changing. The new BEACON function allows the remote control to control multiple WiFi lights or bulbs at once. So you don't have to pick up your mobile phone. Every member of the family can now turn the lights on and off.

How does BEACON work?

At the beginning, it is important to mention that everything takes place under the condition that the device has a TUYA chip with the BEACON function.

The wireless control communicates via the Bluetooth protocol and creates a so-called mesh network function, where the signal is transmitted between individual products. Thanks to this, you can reach great distances. In practice, you stand in the middle of the living room and with one remote control you can control all lighting with the Beacon function in the family house and in its garden.

Immax NEO LITE with BEACON support

The new Immax NEO LITE luminaires in our offer already include BEACON support. All the mentioned benefits apply to them. This sets a completely new standard for controlling smart lighting that communicates via a WiFi network. The lighting does not lose any of its compatibility with products from other manufacturers.

Summary of the BEACON feature

  • Part of TUYA technology
  • Controls lights that communicate via a WiFi network
  • Enables control of the unit using a remote control
  • Creates a MESH network
  • Sets a new standard for smart home WiFi lighting control
  • Lights with the same function are absolutely compatible (no matter the manufacturer or product)

On our website you will find new smart lighting with the BEACON function.

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